Code of Conduct

PT. Industri Jamu Dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk (Company)

The Company realizes the importance of a guidelines and Code of Ethics in the implementation of the Company's operational activities. Therefore, the Company has developed a guidelines and Code of Ethics that will become a behavioral guideline for all levels in conducting interactions and relationships with all stakeholders. In addition, the existence of Guidelines and Code of Ethics is expected to avoid the occurrence of deviations from established standards of behavior and become a guideline in detecting violations that occur. Compliance with the guidelines and the Code of Ethics will avoid unnatural relationships with stakeholders that will harm the Company.

Article 1


Employee Guidelines and Code of Ethics is a value system adopted by the Company as a reference for employees in dealing with internal and external parties, namely with business partners, fellow employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, shareholders, investors, state administrators, communities, mass media.

Preparation of Guidelines and Code of Ethics is mandated by the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 33/POJK.04/2014 concerning Directors and Board of Commissioners of Issuers or Public Companies, specifically regulated in Chapter IV concerning Guidelines and Code of Ethics while taking into account the provisions of the Articles of Association, Law Number 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies and regulations in the Capital Market and Collective Labor Agreement / Company Regulations.

Article 2


Companies, Directors, Management and All Employees:

  1. Implementing Good Corporate Governance / GCG, namely Fairness, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility.
  2. Develop good attitudes and behavior in accordance with ethical standards.
  3. Strive to increase shareholder value and protect the rights of other stakeholders.
  4. Avoid conflict of interest such as insider trading
  5. Not giving or receiving rewards from parties who transact or have an interest.
  6. Maintain security and confidentiality and limit access from parties who are not interested in data or company information.

Article 3


In establishing cooperation with the business partners (suppliers, distributors, bank creditors or others) the Company, Directors, Management and All Employees are based on:

  1. Equality and mutual trust, do not distinguish between ethnicities, religions, races and between groups.
  2. Guided by applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Do not have a conflict of interest by avoiding business partners who have a family relationship with decision making.
  4. Not giving or receiving rewards to and from business partners, both directly and indirectly
  5. Putting every agreement into a written document prepared in good faith and mutually beneficial.
  6. The selection of business partners based on professionalism, the principle of alignment of values and QCDSM (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Moral)
  7. Empowerment of small and medium business partners.

Article 4


In carrying out work relations with employees, the Company, the Board of Directors and Management:

  1. Respect for universal human rights and the rights and obligations of employees based on applicable laws.
  2. Providing equal opportunities to employees without distinguishing seniority, gender, ethnicity, religion, race and between groups.
  3. Treating the employees as valuable partners because it needs to be respected and enhanced they competence and character.
  4. Build an atmosphere of openness and two-way communication to employees.
  5. Give awards to outstanding employees.

Article 5


In interacting with Customers, Companies, Directors and Management and All Employees:

  1. Respect customer rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Fulfill its commitment in terms of price, quality, delivery time, and product guarantee in accordance with applicable standards.
  3. Providing the same service to all customers.
  4. It is not permitted to give or receive any form of compensation, directly or indirectly.
  5. Maintain the confidentiality of information about customers.
  6. Refers to the ethics of publication and applicable laws and regulations.

Article 6


In the face of the Company, directors and management and all employees:

  1. Maintain fair, healthy and transparent competition in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Not cooperating with competitors that can harm customers and or lead to monopolistic practices.
  3. Do not discredit competitors, whether in marketing, promotion or advertising activities.
  4. In seeking information about competitors to the extent that it does not violate applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Not allowed to enter into the ownership or management of a competing company.

Article 7


In all forms of interaction with Shareholders, Companies, Directors and Management and All Employees:

  1. Treating the Shareholders in accordance with the Company's Articles of Association and the applicable Regulations.
  2. Providing optimal performance and maintaining a good image to increase value for shareholders.
  3. Hold the applicable laws and regulations regarding "insider information" against requests for access to certain sensitive and / or confidential information.

Article 8


In interacting with investors including analysts and fund managers, companies, directors and ranks of management and all employees:

  1. Providing actual, accurate and prospective information.
  2. Applying a balanced treatment principle in the provision of necessary information.
  3. Do not carry out activities in the capital market that aim to harm or benefit certain investors and or shareholders.

Article 9


In interacting with State administrators (state executing institutions and their apparatus which includes the legislature, executive, judiciary and other institutions, both at the central and regional levels) Companies, Directors and Management and all Employees:

  1. Establishing harmonious and constructive relationships based on honesty and mutual respect.
  2. Attempting to support national and regional programs, especially in the fields of education, social, economic and cultural.

Article 10


In interacting with the Community, Company, Directors and Management and All Employees:

  1. Participate in maintaining a clean and healthy environment around the company.
  2. Building and fostering harmonious relationships and striving to benefit through empowerment programs, especially communities around the company.
  3. Respect for Human Rights (HAM) and social aspects, culture, customs, politeness, beliefs and religion, especially the community around the company.

Article 11


In interacting with the Mass Media:

  1. The company adheres to the truth and information disclosure in accordance with the journalistic code of ethics and applicable and accountable legislation.
  2. The company places mass media as equal business partners, because it is necessary to build positive, mutual and beneficial cooperation.
  3. Company officials are not permitted to give or receive any form of compensation, directly or indirectly.