Corporate Profile

Sido Muncul was established by the gifted and talented Ibu Rahmat Sulistio who initiated a home-based business with three employees in the 1930s in Yogyakarta. In 1940, ibu Rahmat Sulistio, for the first time concocted herbal formulation for cold medication called “Tolak Angin.” The selection of quality materials and the right composition makes the herbal medicine Tolak Angin favored by the public and become increasingly popular.

During the war, Ibu Rahmat Sulistio’s family had to move to Semarang. In 1951, a small herbal medicine factory was established on Jl. Mlaten Trenggulun, Semarang, under the name “Sido Muncul” which means “a dream comes true.” With her business instincts far beyond the times, Ibu Rahmat Sulistio began producing Tolak Angin herbal powder in practical paper packaging so that buyers can store it at home and brew it themselves whenever needed.

Almost 20 years later, in 1970, a partnership was established under the name of CV Industri Jamu & Farmasi Sido Muncul. In 1975, Sido Muncul business entity was changed to a Limited Liability Company under the name of PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul. All businesses and assets of CV Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul were combined into and continued by the limited liability company.

Along with its development, production capacity of the factory located at Jl. Mlaten Trenggulun was incapable of meeting the increasingly higher market demand. In 1984, the factory was moved to Small Industry Area at Jl. Kaliwage, Semarang. In order to accommodate the growing market demand, the factory started to use modern machinery, and the number of employees also increased in line with the increasing production capacity.

In line with technology and innovation advancements, in 1992, Sido Muncul began producing Tolak Angin in liquid for practicality and better taste. Even so, since the times of the traditional brewed herbal medicine in 1930, then became powdered herbal medicine in 1951 and finally liquid herbal medicine at this time, the recipe of Tolak Angin formulated by Ibu Rahmat Sulistio still remains the same.

To anticipate future progress, in 1997, Sido Muncul built a larger and more modern factory on a 30-hectare land in Klepu, Bergas District, Ungaran, Central Java. The area of the factory covers around 8 hectares and the rest is used as supporting area. The first stone of the factory construction in Klepu was laid by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X witnessed by the Director General of Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control at the time.

The factory was launched on November 11, 2000 by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare at that time. During the launching of the factory, Sido Muncul also received 2 (two) certificates, namely the Good Manufacturing Practice for Traditional Medicines (CPOTB) and Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicines (CPOB) equivalent to pharmaceuticals. Obtainment of these both certificates makes Sido Muncul as the only owner of herbal medicine factory with pharmaceutical standard.

Sido Muncul continues to develop production capacity, add product variants and expand to the global market. In 2018, Sido Muncul completed the construction of the liquid medicine 2 (COD 2) factory with a production capacity of around 100 million sachets per month which has been fully operation in 2019.