Internal Control System
  1. Operational objective: The control towards quality of material received, production process, waste treatment and treatment of residual production materials.
  2. Financial objective: Control with objective to ensure that the Company’s financial statements are reliable, submitted on time, and comply with the criteria set by regulators and accounting standards.
  3. Compliance objective: Control with objective to ensure the compliance of the Company towards prevailing regulations.

The Company’s Internal Control System has been carried out adequately, which has been derived from the Code of Ethics, Policies, SOPs and Work Instructions that are synergized with the application of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) assessment. KPI is a tool for management so that all of the Company’s operational activities are integrated to achieve the targets set.

Evaluation of Internal Control System Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the Company’s Internal Control System is regularly and continuously evaluated based on Internal Audit Unit’s findings. The evaluation results are then used as a reference for future improvement of Internal Control System.