Understanding Sido Muncul

"The largest herbal medicine manufacturer in Indonesia with more than 70 years of experience"

At a glance

More than 70 years of experience in Indonesia herbal industry
More than 4,000 employees
More than 300 SKUs
109 distribution points throughout Indonesia
26.7% Net profit margin in 2023
Stable dividend payout ratio 99%

Sido Muncul (SIDO) is the biggest and modern herbal manufacturer in Indonesia. It continues to be the market leader in herbal/traditional products category. Having more than 300 SKUs with strong brand image and become top of mind for Indonesian consumers. The brands such as Tolak Angin and Kuku Bima Ener-G! have been long-standing brands for decades. Our commitment is to grow responsibly with the tenets of People, Planet, and Profit to deliver sustainable and accountable business.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio with Strong Brand Equity

Products innovation is our strength. We create products through extensive research to fulfill customers need and enhance the quality of life.

herbal & supplement

food & beverages


Using a wide range of natural Indonesian herbs and medicinal plants with proven and long history of efficacies, we create modernized “JAMU” to meet the modern lifestyle of Indonesian consumers.

Tolak Angin is an incredible growth story of transitioning from a traditional remedy into a staple modern herbal based consumer health product in Indonesia. Made from some of the finest herbs to boost immunity and alleviate common cold symptoms (e.g., headache, fever, flatulence, dry throat). Pioneer in liquid herbal RTC format, easy to consume.

Kuku Bima Ener-G! is the pioneer of fruit flavored energy drink in Indonesia. Going against the industry norm of energy drink formulation, taste and color, Kuku Bima Ener-G! revolutionized the category by "THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX".

Strong Distribution Presence in Indonesia

Muncul Mekar (SIDO subsidiary) has cooperated with 109 sub representatives and distributors, which caters more than 135,000 wholesalers and retailers both for General Trade and Modern Trade throughout Indonesia.

Developing potential of export market

SIDO's products are present in several countries and to expand the export market, the Company has established a branch office in the Philippines and a subsidiary in Nigeria.

2023 Key Financial Figures
Sales: IDR 3.57 trillion
Sales Growth: -8%
Operating Profit: IDR 1.19 trillion
Operating Margin: 33.4%
Net Profit: IDR 950.6 billion
Net Margin: 26.7%
Dividend Payout: 99%
Creating Value to Our Shareholders

Return on Equity (in %)

Dividend per Share (IDR/Share)